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Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Madrose

When one of your biggest problems is that every time your business partner goes out he comes back with a new lovely guitar – well let’s just say there are worse problems to have.

We’re extremely lucky to have one of the best-stocked high-end acoustic guitar shops in the country, manned by one of the most knowledgeable, passionate guitar dealers in the business, right here about 5 miles up the river from our headquarters. We have no connection with Steve from Acoustic Music Works, (other than being regular customers) but I can tell you his hand-picked instrument selection is unsurpassed.

We see our share of off-the-charts high-end guitars through here and I have to say that Bourgeois makes some of the finest playing instruments available.  Frank chose this gorgeous Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Premium Madrose from Steve’s stock because of its stunning tone and beauty. This is a player’s guitar.

This video is another casual behind the scenes discussion with Jim Relja playing and reviewing the guitar directly after it had been AO1-processed. the guitar has since opened up even more in the 4 weeks since this video was shot. You’ll hear one of our returning customers, Pat, asking Jim questions about the process in this clip.

Some days I have the best job on the planet.

Back from NAMM

Well, we had an exhausting but really worthwhile 4 days at the NAMM show in sunny Anaheim.  We have been working to get some more instruments and models onto the website and will be putting up some new info soon. We also met with a few manufacturers of potential decal makers, but we’re still trying to find a material that Frank deems “non-sound-deadening” enough that will also not interact with nitrocellulose laquer.  (We know we owe them to a bunch of you early AO1 customers)

We met and talked with so many exceptional builders and performing artists about sending us an instrument to put through the AO1 process,  (you know who you are!) thanks to all of your overwhelmingly helpful input, advice, interest and/or participation, 2010 is looking like a big year for Alchemy Acoustic Labs.

Frank at the Collings booth, looking for a German Spruce top with Madagascar back & sides.