To date, we have had 100% success and satisfaction with every instrument we have applied the AO1 process to.  We started this section to share real testimonials and reviews from customers. If you’ve had your guitar processed by us, we’d love to post your reviews here. Please email us!

[Martin D-18, Short Scale, AO1 Processed, 2/23/11]


I wanted to live with the guitar for a week before giving you my impressions.
Frank’s evaluation is dead-on. Not sure if I could add much to it without being redundant. The mids and highs are now on par with the bass. The guitar is definitely more responsive and resonant overall.
Per your instructions, I’ve been playing it in standard tuning (with and without a capo) for at least 1-2 hours a day. The day it arrived, I played it for SIX hours! Usually, I’ll strum it aggressively for the first hour, then I’ll mix it up during the second hour. Strumming, flatpicking and fingerpicking. I’m noticing that it is becoming a bit more responsive when I fingerpick it. It seems to get a little better everyday. Warmer and more open sounding
I must say that I am truly impressed with the results. In the world of guitars and guitar “enhancement” (for lack of a better term), there are many grandiose claims. Rarely does the reality live up to the hype. But your process delivers as advertised. My D-18 sounded pretty good right out of the box, but it sounds even better as a result of your process. If I buy another acoustic, I’m shipping it right to you!
Marty Tanger, New Jersey

[James Olson SJ, AO1 Processed, 12/01/09]

Having had time to spend a few weeks with the SJ Olson you processed for me – the biggest difference is not so much the unplugged sound , yes that did improve.

It was the feel of the instrument that I most noticed. The improvements were not so much in tone, but in sustain, the bloom of the note and the subtle decay as the note fades to wherever they go.

Your process creates more time and space, which in turn, creates more options to interpret a song. Songs do not have to be pushed or hurried in anyway. A great guitar that already sounded good, now simply became more a more complicated platform in it’s options available to the player.

The tree became a guitar.

What makes a great guitar ?

The one that inspires you to pick it up.

Thanks Boys

Patric Dahms
Home Port , Pittsburgh 2010

[Gibson CW 1963 RI, AO1 Processed, SOLD guitar 11/26/09]


why would you sell a HARP FROM HEAVEN !!!!!!! THIS IS THE BEST GUITAR THAT I HAVE EVER PUT MY HANDS ON !!!! Every thing about this deal is perfect , shipping , packing , price , I would not take twice what I paid for it , this is the one I have been waiting for .


Randall N.,  (Alabama)

[Tippin Crescendo, AO1 Processed 11/23/09]


This Crescendo keeps getting better. It has an amzing light touch responsive sound and more volume.  I simply cannot put this guitar down! It has such a rich sound and I can tell the difference after the process. It is much more open, resonent, and light to the touch! The bottom 3 strings have sustain like they never had before. Thank Frank for inventing this process!!!

Mike, (Massachusetts)

[Collings D3BaaaA, AO1 Processed 11/01/09]

I have played the guitar extensively since its return.

The results are truly remarkable. The guitar has improved sustain/volume when I received it back from you. However the more I played the guitar the more it continued to open up. It now has more volume than any guitar I have ever owned or played. This makes it exceptional for strumming/flat picking.

The increase in volume is a nice change but I must confess it is the dramatic improvement in sustain and openness of the guitar that I have enjoyed the most. Before your process was applied to the guitar is was a fine instrument but lacked warmth and sustain. I had hoped to play the guitar enough that it would open up after many hours or years of playing. Your process has caused the guitar to have a more lively open quality that is normally found in lightly built fingerstyle instruments. This is now the best dreadnought guitar I have ever encountered.

I just listened to the Olson sound files from your website. I love Olson guitars but find them to be soft, quiet instruments than would be wonderful if they had increased volume and sustain. When you mentioned the success you have had with classical guitars I thought the Olson might respond well to your process due to the cedar top used in classical and most Olson SJ’s.

Congratulations on your process. It is wonderful to be able to so vastly improve even the best instruments made.


Reed C.,  (Florida)