Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Madrose

When one of your biggest problems is that every time your business partner goes out he comes back with a new lovely guitar – well let’s just say there are worse problems to have.

We’re extremely lucky to have one of the best-stocked high-end acoustic guitar shops in the country, manned by one of the most knowledgeable, passionate guitar dealers in the business, right here about 5 miles up the river from our headquarters. We have no connection with Steve from Acoustic Music Works, (other than being regular customers) but I can tell you his hand-picked instrument selection is unsurpassed.

We see our share of off-the-charts high-end guitars through here and I have to say that Bourgeois makes some of the finest playing instruments available.  Frank chose this gorgeous Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Premium Madrose from Steve’s stock because of its stunning tone and beauty. This is a player’s guitar.

This video is another casual behind the scenes discussion with Jim Relja playing and reviewing the guitar directly after it had been AO1-processed. the guitar has since opened up even more in the 4 weeks since this video was shot. You’ll hear one of our returning customers, Pat, asking Jim questions about the process in this clip.

Some days I have the best job on the planet.

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