Rodrigo Moreira Hauser Replica

Frank brings the freshly AO1-optimized Rodrigo Moreira Hauser replica classical guitar back to Porsche specialist John Raysich, at his repair shop (John Raysich Porsche Specialties) in Pittsburgh, PA.

It’s February, which was pretty brutal this year in Pittsburgh, and John was busy at work, in coveralls, with beepers and phones ringing and mechanics asking him questions while he tried the guitar for the first time after being processed. So – as usual, we present a very candid, un-glamorous look at REAL customers’ REAL reactions when they get their instruments back.

Elambo’s Julius Borges OM-28

Collings Forum moderator Elambo sent us his Julius Borges OM-28 for AO1 Processing. This video is a lo-res, casual look and discussion about the before and after characteristics of the guitar. Jim Relja played and reviewed the guitar.

David Grissom’s Collings D2H

Legendary guitarist David Grissom (John Mellencamp, Dixie Chicks, Bob Dylan, Buddy Guy, Chris Isaak etc.) talked to us at the 2010 Winter NAMM show about having one of his guitars processed. This video documents AAL examining and reviewing the guitar before and after the AO1 process was completed. For David’s comments after he received his guitar back go HERE. Jim Relja plays and examines the Collings D2H in the video.

Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Premium MadRose

This video is another casual behind the scenes discussion with Jim Relja playing and reviewing this stunning Bourgeois Advanced Slope D Madagascar Rosewood guitar directly after it had been AO1-processed.  The guitar has since opened up even more in the 4 weeks since this video was shot. You’ll hear one of our returning customers, Pat, asking Jim questions about the process in this clip.

Maui’s Collings D2H MRA

February 9 + February 23, 2010  Thought we’d deviate a bit and show what one of our player review sessions looks like. When we get a new model guitar in, we open it and examine it, get new strings on it and then record it in the studio. We get a local player NOT affiliated with AAL in any way to come in and play both the “before” and “after” sessions. Before we put him in the studio, we try to capture first reactions on video. This is Jim Relja, owner of Jim’s Guitar Works in West Elizabeth, PA. Jim is one of the premiere guitar techs, players and instructors in our area. Players send him instruments from all over the country to work on. Jim played and thoroughly examined this Collings D2H MRA varnish top, 2 weeks before it received the AO1 Process. This is him playing it and giving his impressions both before and after processing. This guitar was sent to us by “Maui” (possibly not his real name) in Hawaii. Maui is the first person from the Collings Online Forum to send us a guitar. Though as of this week, not the last.

Collings D2HG

June 9, 2009 Jim Relja played and thoroughly examined this Collings D2HG four weeks before it received the AO1 Process. This is him playing it and giving his impressions for the first time after processing.

Larivee L-19

March 26, 2009 – John Moran has had his Larivee L-19 back, post-optimization, for about 46 days and gives his impressions.

Martin 000-18

February 16, 2009 – Corey gets the 00018 back and plays it for the first time, post-optimization.

Tippin Crescendo

February 16, 2009 – Corey plays the Tippin Crescendo for the first time, post-optimization.